Migration from Monolithic System to Ecosystem of Microservices

Fortune 500 Fintech Company

Migration from Monolithic System to Ecosystem of Microservices

Fintech company needed to scale


A Fortune 500 fintech company that offers a variety of insurance products needed to adapt its monolithic functions into microservices to improve application scalability and time to market.

The company needed to refactor its current codebase into a set of microservices using Golang and AWS infrastructure in addition to implementing integrations with external components providing online payments, document generations, marketing and notification emails, and address validations.

The client had internal engineering resources that needed to maintain focus on their existing workload.

Our nearshore team was the right fit because of our strong company culture, high retention rates, and superior engineering output.

The Solution

We provided a nearshore technical lead, business analysts, full-stack developers, and QA for automation capabilities in conjunction with the client’s software engineers, solution architects, and project managers. Using an Agile methodology, we delivered the migration to an ecosystem of microservices on time with high quality and the desired scalability. Our team was autonomous and built the requirements as a collaboration between the business analysts and the project manager. This ensured that we could deliver the desired results without over-taxing the limited availability of the client’s product managers.


Our nearshore team migrated four different sets of microservices to create an ecosystem of microservices, allowing automatic scalability for high-demand services. We helped launch a new dental insurance product for dentists, hygienists, and orthodontists.