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Technology advances fast, and we stay at the forefront of it. We are passionate about delivering maximum value to you while getting to play with technology in the world’s most exciting industries.


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Our clients enjoy tremendous opportunities in a world of constant change. But the sheer speed of change brings a risk of falling behind.

We solve these challenges through our love of technology and innovation – by bringing a diverse team of problem-solvers ready to connect, relate, and collaborate across organizational and national borders.

The Kopius Story

Kopius means abundance – of ideas, opportunities, and possibilities. We’re passionate about technology and compelled by our clients’ potential to transform the way the world works.

Kopius was born when Tradehelm, an established tech firm with a proven track record of excellence in engineering and Valence, a team-based IT solutions company, merged. The result is a purpose-driven organization with the ability to both recognize the talent needed to succeed, and to maximize its potential.

Our teams are experts in digital strategy, design, and engineering. We’re adept at solving today’s pressing problems and driven to explore new frontiers to help customers retain their edge in a digital world, where falling behind is not an option.

We celebrate every opportunity to solve big challenges creatively.

Kopius People

Businesses need specialists who bring fresh perspectives without wasting time, who go above and beyond merely completing tasks, opening doors to ideas, innovation, and transformation. As you work with us, you’ll meet a unique team of dedicated productive people with boundless imagination, critical thinking, and technical strength.

“Kopius guided us through the technical aspects of the project while also treating us as equals. We felt like engaged and respected partners.”


Our global teams of technical and business professionals work seamlessly to deliver digital transformation, data, and software engineering capabilities at scale and speed.


Do you want to be part of an engaged and committed team that’s excited to learn, gives back to the community, and does important work? We do too.

Reach out, and join our team of inspired realists to maximize your own potential.

The Kopius Team

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