How We Do It

What Makes Kopius Special?

Kopius has an innovative nearshore model that provides high-quality, reliable solution delivery in a predictable cost-effective model to bring unmatched digital transformation to your business. We have innovated the best aspects of lean agile development and digital transformation models to provide our clients with an evolutionary squad-based operating model that is high-quality, rapidly scalable, and delivers maximum value.

Nearshore Digital Leadership

Our team, powered by passionate experts both in the U.S. and Latin America, makes your time zone our time zone. You can benefit from client-obsessed project management, unrivaled technical strategy, and end-to-end capabilities with the speed and efficiency of a nearshore team. Whether you seek innovative digital transformation leadership complimented by lean agile transformation delivery or wish to add high-quality, cost-effective capacity to your own teams, trust Kopius to meet your digital needs.

Lean Agile Delivery

Lean agile methods deliver value to you much earlier and more frequently in the process. And this value accumulates and maximizes over time, to provide you with a scalable product of exceptional quality. We apply this model to all aspects of a client’s digital transformation needs, whether that be rapid experience delivery or application prototyping, hyper-scale cloud transformation programs, or large-volume IT and consulting capacity requirements.

Your Team, Your Way

Each project phase and work stream may require different workforces and capabilities. Our co-delivery model accelerates delivery by implementing both managed and capacity-driven delivery processes. Cross-functional, organizationally integrated, adaptive, and scalable teams work together to meet and exceed your goals. This agile delivery ecosystem accelerates collaboration, allows for delivery in 3-month increments, and reduces the risk of knowledge transfer impacting velocity.

Our Approach in Action

We bring a love of digital technology and innovation that helps businesses to realize the abundant potential of our digital world.


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