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Digital Product Ideation Workshops

Creating and optimizing your products is an essential feature of any business, and working in digital product development often means working at hyperspeed to achieve new feats before anyone else. Innovating with the same people over and over can lead anyone into an echo chamber. At Kopius, we have a strategy that maintains your security while bringing in new perspectives — the product ideation workshop.

Gather your best and brightest business-minded individuals and join our experts for a hands-on workshop that encourages innovation and drives new ideas.

Our Ideation Workshop Stages

The ideation workshop is open to anyone who makes decisions within your organization, including leadership, stakeholders, and industry experts. You can gather as many people as necessary to present a comprehensive representation of your organization’s policies and guidelines, and Kopius will find the space to host them all. Together, we’ll work through the four essential steps of integrating product ideation into your daily workflow. While implementing our plans will take time, this series of meeting is designed to create a strategic plan that anticipates benefits and drawbacks within each section.

1. Evaluate

To look into the future, we have to start with the past. That’s why our product ideation starts with a current state assessment. The Kopius team will conduct a series of interviews with stakeholders across the business to put everyone on the same page moving forward. We may complete exercises with your key representatives to get an idea of how your processes work. We’ll also look at consumer-based information, such as ethnographic research, user interviews, and participant observation. 

2. Learn

Once we gather all our information, we start working together to analyze our findings. The current state assessment will present an excellent opportunity for all to examine unmet user needs and the best places to start implementing new strategies. We’ll help you discover new ways to capitalize on shining opportunities and how to sense them so you can continue the momentum of the work we’ll do during this workshop.

3. Model

The evaluation and learning stages ensure everyone is up to speed. With those steps completed, we start looking to the future in earnest. The journey development and concepting processes enable us to come up with a functional model to bring in new ideas and implement them during the proof of concept stage of our strategy. Our skilled facilitators will guide each participant through a number of activities designed to spark creativity and encourage innovation with the hope of identifying new areas to improve business and increase revenue.

4. Execute

Finally, we’ll work together to come up with the best ways to execute your new digital strategies. The goal of every ideation workshop is for our partners to leave with a clear direction for their future initiatives and ideas for solving any challenges they encounter along the way. The Kopius team will send you off with ample plans and ways to continue innovating. We will also be available for consultation as you put your moves into action.

Partner with Kopius for Digital Product Ideation Workshops

At Kopius, digital innovation is our top priority, both for ourselves and our valued clients. Let us show you new ways your brand can shine by contacting us to sign up for our next product ideation workshop. 

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