JumpStart Product

A Data-driven Product Ideation, Prioritization, & POC Program

Creating and optimizing your products is an essential feature of any business, and working in digital product development often means working at hyper-speed to achieve new feats before anyone else. Innovating with the same people over and over can lead anyone into an echo chamber. At Kopius, we’ve designed a program to JumpStart your customer, technology, and data success.

Tailored to your needs, our user-centric approach, tech smarts, and collaboration with your stakeholders equip teams with the skills and mindset needed to:

  • Identify unmet customer, employee, or business needs
  • Align on priorities
  • Rapidly prototype solutions
  • And, fast-forward success

Gather your best and brightest business-minded individuals and join our experts for a hands-on workshop that encourages innovation and drives new ideas.

Our JumpStart Product Ideation & Prioritization Approach:

Our JumpStart program fast-tracks business results and platform solutions. JumpStart enables organizations to enhance customer satisfaction through a data-driven approach, drive innovation through emerging technologies, and achieve competitive advantage.

Over the course of our program, together, we’ll work through four essential phases to best evaluate, learn, and co-create plans for the future. While implementing plans will take time, this program is designed to define and deliver strategic plans, and roadmaps, and accelerate proof-of-concepts that anticipate business benefits and drawbacks.


To look into the future, we must start with the past. That’s why our program starts with a current state assessment. This step may involve ethnographic research with key stakeholder interviews, participant observation, and technology assessments. These activities give us insight into how your products and processes currently work.


Once we gather all our information, we start working together to analyze the findings. The current state assessment presents an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to examine, level-set, and align on unmet user needs and business priorities. Through our designed workshop activities, the most critical gaps and initiatives become clearer and will guide our next-stage activities and how-might-we strategies.


The evaluation and learning stages ensure everyone is up to speed. With those steps completed, we start looking ahead. The journey development and concepting processes enable us to prioritize the most critical needs, co-create innovative solutions, and start to define the path to the future. Our team of UX/UI designers, product strategists, and technical experts work alongside your team to help discover new ways to capitalize on real opportunities and how to prioritize initiatives. The ideation and prioritization effort helps to lay the foundation for your product plans and roadmaps, also giving us the ability to test and validate through proofs-of-concept.


After accelerating our learnings through proofs-of-concept, together, we iterate our plan to define the best end-to-end approach to execute your new and/or enhanced digital strategies. Our work during this stage includes delivering the visionary north star, with defined product journeys, prioritized use cases and applied UI/UX design, and a product and technology roadmap.

Our JumpStart partnership goal is to co-create with you to define and deliver a clear product direction, plan, roadmap, and fast-track POCs for your future initiatives, while solving any challenges along the way. As you progress plans into action, we are available for development and ongoing support, however you need.

Start your Product Ideation & Prioritization Journey

Respond to changing business & technology needs with agility and innovation by working with Kopius as your Product Ideation & Prioritization partner. We will conceptualize and help you realize digital technology concepts that allow your business to embrace a changing future and maintain efficiency. Add our brainpower to your operation by contacting our team to JumpStart your business.

Partner with Kopius and JumpStart your future success.

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