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Modernizing teams, business process and system technologies to drive greater results.

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End-to-end Capabilities

Technology Ideation Workshops

We partner with you to create tailored digital roadmaps for execution and transformation, building foundations for today that empower your business tomorrow.

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Application Strategy & Design

Our team of strategists, designers and engineers integrate experience design into your custom business applications, creating seamless journeys to make your company and employees stand out.

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Application Development

Engage experienced leaders and engineers who can dive deep into technology while keeping your team focused on what’s next. Let us manage the details, so you can see the big picture.

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Ensure your continued success post-launch with support from skilled technical partners who work in your time zone.

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your limits.

The accelerating pace of business forces companies to rethink the way they work. But change doesn’t happen overnight.

True organizational transformation requires a clear vision and sustained focus at every stage of the journey. And too often, the vision is not detailed enough, is not tied to measurable outcomes, and is not widely understood. But Kopius can help: learn how we drove business outcomes for Spaceflight.

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Kopius understands the complexity inherent in getting people to work together—well.

We know how to integrate new systems in ways organic to your organization, and we can help you measure what works and what doesn’t. Kopius partners with you to architect, design and realize exceptional value, solving your biggest challenges by defining what matters.

Kopius’ engineers didn’t just accept the challenge – they relished it. We needed to partner with a firm that was comfortable with the unknown, could do the necessary research, had the technical expertise to innovate, and then turn out an enterprise product – and that was Kopius.

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Our partnerships in Action

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