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Digital Product Development

Kopius delivers premium product development services to help you prioritize, design, and implement customer-first product experiences, increasing your revenue, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing support costs. 

Digital Product Design and Development

Achieving company-wide digital alignment, managing legacy system transition, and ensuring your organization’s digital initiatives provide value and return on investment are a few challenges you face as a business.

Kopius provides expertise and strategic roadmap planning, scalable web and mobile application solutions, seamless system and API integrations, effective e-commerce platforms, and reliable cloud infrastructure to streamline your operations and solve these obstacles.

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Expert Digital Product Development Consultants 

Our product engineering service is underpinned by strategic expertise and an understanding of design and execution plans. Our digital product lifecycle management strategies will handle your products from ideation to retirement, maximizing their value and success in the market. 

Capabilities and Service Offerings

We define the features, products, and tasks vital to building industry-best offerings. Our strategic services include:

  • Digital experience​
  • Customer experience​
  • Customer service
  • Research and analysis 
  • DevOps

Innovative Digital Products and Solutions

We leverage our strategies and pragmatic problem-solving mindsets to deliver end-to-end solutions. We provide:

  • Experience design: We create memorable and unique digital experiences for your business. Our team integrates experience design into your mobile and web applications to give you a competitive edge.
  • SaaS products​: Kopius provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) development capabilities, enabling your business to offer flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions to users.
  • Digital front door​: We help organizations in health care develop digital front door strategies to deliver patient-centric digital technologies and solutions. 
  • Experience platforms: We use our Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to build experiential solutions to enhance your product and service offerings. Our team has transformed numerous organizations, including the retail experience for one of our partners.
  • Digital product development: We develop digital products that will make your business more agile, customer-centric, and automated. 
  • Modern app development: We build potent apps, elevating your online presence and making crucial information accessible to your customers.

Advantages of Kopius Digital Product Development Services

Kopius is a digital product development firm with a 96% client retention rate, moving at the speed of technology. We deliver various benefits, including:

  • Increased revenue: Our strategies and solutions increase retention, conversion, and referrals, delivering post-revenue and impact for experience-led products. 
  • Acceleration to market: We leverage data-driven insights to deliver precise product priorities and development roadmaps, minimizing churn. 
  • Faster market adoption: Our UX-driven products lead to speedier market penetration and growth. We reduce product failure rates by designing solutions with the user in mind.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: A seamless and intuitive UX drives engagement and repeat visits and enhances customer experience.
  • Reduced support costs: Our strategies and services result in fewer usability issues, reducing customer support inquiries and associated costs.
  • Enhanced brand perception: Quality products and services elevate your brand perception by highlighting your commitment to customer satisfaction and experience. 

Accelerate Time to Market and Drive Success With Kopius

Kopius works with the globe’s leading digital technology solutions providers to deliver cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. Our engineers develop highly reliable solutions considering longevity, ownership cost, extensibility, and sustainability. 

Contact us today to leverage our product engineering services.

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