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As businesses manage ever-increasing data stores, they face challenges in getting the highest return on investment from their data resources. Data strategy consulting services give your business guidance and technological expertise to seize your data’s value. These services allow you to gain a competitive advantage in your industry, increase efficiency, enhance decision-making, and reduce costs. 

At Kopius, we offer various digital strategy services involving everything from developing a data plan to building data and artificial intelligence (AI) resources. We focus on creating digital products to enhance your business’s value.

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What Does Data Strategy Involve?

Data strategy involves creating a long-term plan for managing business information. This data strategy roadmap includes data collection, storage, sharing, and usage. Business data is an extensive resource when used to its fullest potential. Digital strategy creates a detailed plan for using data and creating AI-enabled applications to process and visualize data.

Data strategy combines knowledge of your business processes and an understanding of the current data and AI landscape to develop and execute new processes. It can also involve automating and scaling current data management strategies for long-term benefits.

Our Data Strategy Services

Business leaders in data likely understand the importance of data management strategies. A knowledgeable partner can introduce our company to a new perspective with actionable insights. At Kopius, our data strategy consulting services involve partnering with businesses to change or enhance your current processes. We offer various services related to data strategy.

Data Planning

Data planning is an essential portion of data strategy. Other data strategy processes, like processing and analytics, work best when you begin with a strategic approach for managing, organizing, and utilizing data. At Kopius, our teams work with you to identify goals and objectives for your data. Using this information, we establish policies and procedures that allow you to effectively integrate quality data into your business.

Data Architecture

Kopius’s data architecture services focus on creating a structured and scalable framework to manage and organize data. This framework ensures your business stays ahead of its growing data stores and gains value from the data. Our services focus on enhancing how you store, process, and access data, making them foundational for data processing and building AI applications for your data.

Data Engineering

This service involves developing, implementing, and maintaining the systems that process raw data. These systems are vital to taking large and unstructured datasets and extracting information. Our teams work with you to create infrastructures that allow your analysts and end-users to interact with data more effectively. We make systems that are easy to use and integrate with your current infrastructure and business practices.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics use historical data to predict future events and outcomes. This data management process improves business performance and allows companies to meet their goals. At Kopius, our experts develop statistical algorithms to extract patterns, trends, and relationships that provide valuable insights businesses can use in their decision-making processes.

Data Processing

Bring your organization’s raw data and transform it into something easier to use with data processing services. Our team can pull your data from available sources, clean it up, and organize it to begin creating quality data. Once we make an error-free data set, we input and process it to yield usable information. Members of your company can access and use the data as needed for their operations.

Data Lakes

Most businesses deal with large volumes of data. Data lakes provide a storage solution for raw, unstructured, or structured data from departments across an organization. They store data in its original format in a central location. This method allows for more convenient exploration and data governance strategies. Kopius works with companies to establish and manage data lakes so you can seamlessly connect them with analytics tools.

Data Visualization

In its raw form, data is a massive entity. Data visualization brings complex data together, identifies patterns and creates digital displays to represent these patterns. Our team can build visualization dashboards with charts, maps, and other elements, allowing you to gather insights at a glance. This information allows for better decision-making and planning.

Data Analytics

Our data analytics strategy services discover trends, patterns, and relationships in your organization’s data. We uncover these relationships through statistical, mathematical, and computational techniques. By developing better ways to analyze your organizational data, you can understand your business and its customers, allowing for improved business practices.

Advantages of Expert Data Strategy Guidance

An experienced team working with you on your data strategy improves your use of data for everything from storing it to extracting meaningful insights that grow your business. Turning to the professionals unlocks value for your business:

  • Decision-making: By making your data easier to store, access, and analyze, data strategy teams improve your decision-making processes. You gain business insights at a glance, making it easier to plan strategically. 
  • Efficiency: When data is challenging to work with, it slows down processes across every area of your business. Comprehensive planning and better architectures and analysis methods let everyone on the team use data to the fullest potential.
  • Customer experience: Your clients notice when you enhance your data strategy framework because it benefits them by enabling your business to serve their needs faster and more effectively. These benefits lead to a better experience and higher satisfaction.
  • Risk management: With data strategy services like predictive analytics, you will see potential challenges or problems long before they occur. This perspective allows you to act early to preserve your business. 
  • Savings: Inefficient data management processes and platforms cost you because your employees must work harder to extract insights from data. Investing in data strategy services means you unlock new revenue streams while enhancing your existing processes.

The Kopius Approach to Data Strategy Consulting

At Kopius, we help clients realize their business value through digital products that use data and AI to improve workflows. With data strategy services from us, businesses embrace the future of data and the opportunities it can bring for their operations. Here are a few ways our expertise benefits your company:

  • Personalized approach: We won’t force a particular solution. Each business works differently, so we provide unique services that match your needs, and our team works with your existing processes and our knowledge to guide you. 
  • Business size: We’re the ideal size to serve your business. Our company is big enough to offer a full range of services without compromising the unique value our personal approach brings to individual clients. 

We have worked with clients in many industries to deliver data strategy services. Our team of expert data strategy consultants worked with a Fortune 100 healthcare company to create a secure scheduling solution, transforming the hospital’s unstructured data and developing a web app that displayed and manipulated the data. The result was a system that improved patient care and hospital efficiency.

Get in Touch With Our Expert Data Strategy Consultants

Kopius is a nearshore team of inspired realists who deliver digital possibilities for your business. Connect with us online to learn more about our data strategy consulting services and how they improve your business operations.

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