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Technology Ideation Workshops

Whether you want to invent a new app or create business software, technology ideation workshops are excellent environments for sharing and discussing ideas. These sessions allow experts across various company sectors to come together with a common goal, serving as the foundation for forward-thinking ideas that promote your business’s success. 

Kopius has an expert team with extensive expertise in digital technology. We bring this expertise to your technology ideation workshops to uncover new ideas and technologies supporting your business goals. We bring fresh perspectives while focusing on your past operations to ensure you experience the greatest success.

Why Businesses Need Technology Ideation Expertise

Ideation can be beneficial, especially when an expert team guides you. This process involves brainstorming ideas for new digital technologies like custom apps or software, including internal products and digital technologies created for your customers. These brainstorming sessions address various business challenges. An expert partner brings knowledge of technological advancements and past successes to guide your processes. 

Here are a few challenges businesses face when working through technology ideation processes:

  • Limited resources: Companies have limited time, budgets, and personnel, which can reduce the ideation process’s quality and effectiveness. 
  • Similar ideas: When a business has worked with the same methods for a long time, team members may struggle to develop unique ideas. 
  • Unclear goals: Starting an ideation session with vague goals means less targeted brainstorming, potentially lowering the outcome’s value.
  • Minimal experience: Businesses new to the technology ideation process may need help with where to begin and how to guide sessions for the best results.

Kopius Technology Ideation Workshop Stages

As your business works to develop ideas for new digital technologies, Kopius serves as an expert partner. We have extensive experience in technology ideation and guiding clients through the process, so our team can help you define your business’s goals and develop unique ideas. Working with us gives you access to all the resources necessary for successful ideation. Bring your experts together, and we’ll organize a space to meet where we can guide you through the ideation process.

We assist your team with all stages of technology ideation. Here’s the process we use to generate innovative ideas for solving challenges and meeting opportunities within your business. 


Before you step forward into the future, take a look at where you are now. Current state assessments provide information about your operations today, providing background information to assist decision-making. This step involves ethnographic research with interviews, participant observation, and exercises involving all the key stakeholders. These exercises give us insight into how you currently work. 


After gathering information about your business, we analyze it. The learning stage involves finding unmet user needs and developing new strategies to address them. Our team works with yours to create the ideal user journey for your audience, which we can test with users through interviews and exercises. After testing, we refine ideas and develop them further in several stages, making continual improvements.


Once we develop a foundation through the evaluating and learning stages, our skilled professionals work with your team through a series of exercises to create a model. We start with understanding the user journey — gathering the personas, pain points, and opportunity areas to understand what users need. This stage gives us a complete idea of what we need to build so we can develop and refine models. 


Once we have a functional model, we begin planning a launch for your digital technology product. This stage involves determining how to move forward into the future and develop scalable solutions you can continue to refine and use in your business operations. Our work during this stage includes designing the system and working through applied design with UI/UX. 

Set Up a Tech Ideation Workshop With Kopius

Turning to an expert team gives you an additional perspective to guide your ideation processes. We can get more thoughts flowing and encourage greater collaboration across groups. Kopius also brings a broad perspective that drives innovation and allows you to find the best ideas. 

Respond to changing business needs with agility and innovation by working with Kopius as your nearshore partner in technology ideation workshops. We will conceptualize digital technology concepts that allow your business to embrace a changing future and maintain efficiency. Add our brainpower to your operation by contacting our team to schedule a workshop.

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