JumpStart Data & AI

A Data and AI Ideation, Prioritization, & POC Program

Data and AI serve a vital role in your business. Data gives detailed insights into your operations, including customer behavior, success in marketing, and sales trends. Artificial intelligence (AI) allows for increased efficiency in processing and evaluating the data you collect. It can learn patterns and relationships in data to make predictions or classifications about your business, allowing you to make better and faster decisions about your strategies.  

Kopius supports businesses seeking to govern and utilize AI and ML to build for the future. We’ve designed a program to JumpStart your customer, technology, and data success. 

Tailored to your needs, our user-centric approach, tech smarts, and collaboration with your stakeholders, equip teams with the skills and mindset needed to:

  • Identify unmet customer, employee, or business needs
  • Align on priorities
  • Plan & define data strategy, quality, and governance for AI and ML
  • Rapidly prototype data & AI solutions
  • And, fast-forward success

JumpStart Data and AI Benefits

AI is a relatively new digital technology, and businesses are still discovering how it fits into their workflows. Digital technology has shown promise in reducing manual processes like data analysis. Each company must find the unique benefits AI can provide for their operations, and Data & AI ideation and prioritization workshops are a guided process for discussing potential applications and developing plans. Here are a few benefits these workshops offer:

  • Knowledge: By bringing together experts across various fields, these meetings allow team members to expand their understanding of data and AI.
  • Speed: New digital technologies like AI are constantly changing business, and workshops allow for idea development to keep you ahead.
  • Creativity: The free exchange of ideas encourages participants to think up new and inventive data & AI capabilities by building off the contributions of others.

Guiding Your JumpStart Data and AI Program to POC

Our JumpStart Data & AI program explores the potential of data and AI in solving hard problems and creating actionable solutions for your business. The approach involves gathering key leadership and subject matter experts across your company for stakeholder interviews and a collaborative co-create workshop. In this way, we help harness unique backgrounds and expertise to uncover challenges and brainstorm ideas to ultimately align on Data & AI plans, roadmaps, and accelerate proof-of-concepts. 

Kopius is a team of strategic decision-makers that helps businesses solve complex problems related to data & digital technologies. We leverage extensive experience across various industries in our program planning and POC development to guide Data and AI ideation and prioritization programs for better outcomes. 

Our JumpStart Data and AI Ideation & Prioritization Approach

Over the course of our Data and AI Ideation & Prioritization program, together, we’ll work through four essential phases to best evaluate, learn, and co-create plans for your future. While implementing plans will take time, this program is designed to define and deliver strategic plans, roadmaps, and accelerate proof-of-concepts that anticipate business benefits and drawbacks.

Here’s an overview of our approach:


Planning for the future starts with an understanding of where you are today. During the evaluation stage, our data & AI experts explore the current state of your data, systems, security, and governance. We conduct ethnographic research using strategies like stakeholder interviews, data, and technology assessments to glean insights into your data infrastructure, accessibility, and capabilities. The information may uncover unmet needs, system limitations, security risks, and business gaps. The evaluation phase helps define the following stages in the process. 


After gathering information about your data, technologies, processes, and governance, we analyze. The current state assessment presents a unique opportunity for stakeholders to examine, level-set and align on unmet user needs, data and technology gaps, and business priorities. The most critical gaps and initiatives become clearer and will guide our next stage activities and how-might-we strategies.


The evaluation and learning stages ensure everyone is up to speed. With those steps completed, we start looking ahead, and our skilled data and technology professionals work alongside your team through a series of exercises to create secure data & AI models. The model stage may involve data architecting, usability testing, and technical viability. In this stage, we collaboratively define an end-to-end data journey helping to prioritize what we need to build from systems to data architecture, to security and governance, and allowing us to validate through proof-of-concepts. 


Once we have functional data & AI models, we begin planning how we implement end-to-end, from technology to data to operations to team. Our work during this stage may include designing data storage & management, prioritizing data use cases, working through applied technology design with UI/UX, and change management. We may work alongside your teams to help implement & train while minimizing your daily business operations. 

Our JumpStart partnership goal is to co-create with you to define and deliver a clear Data & AI direction, plan, roadmap, and fast-track POCs for your future initiatives while solving any challenges along the way. As you progress plans into action, we are available for development and on-going support, however you need. 

Start Your Data and AI Ideation & Prioritization Journey

Respond to changing business, technology, and data needs with agility and innovation by working with Kopius as your Data and AI Ideation & Prioritization partner. We will conceptualize and help you realize data and digital technology concepts that allow your business to embrace a changing future and maintain efficiency. Add our brainpower to your operation by contacting our team to JumpStart your business. 

Partner with Kopius and JumpStart your future success.

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