Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision

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Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision

The intersection of healthcare, dentistry, and orthodontics with technology has revolutionized to the personal wellness industry. The direct-to-consumer orthodontics industry has been particularly transformed thanks to a convergence of digital advancements. Teledentistry uses electronic information, imaging, and communication technologies to provide and support dental care delivery, diagnosis, consultation, and treatment.


A leading consumer-facing orthodontics disruptor needed to harness technology to deliver exciting, delightful experiences to engage and convert potential customers.

Valence was engaged to design and develop a pilot marketing experience that would help potential customers to envision their smile after receiving treatment. Valence’s experience in digital retail experiences made the firm uniquely positioned to address this business need.


Valence designed and built a mobile application that allows customers to See Their New Selfie to anticipate what was possible through teledentistry. The experience included options to share their future selfie to expand the brand’s reach.

The services to deliver this highly personalized and technology-driven experience included web application design and development, and computer vision with artificial intelligence application development.  Technologies included Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda, API Gateway, and S3.


The pilot informed the startup’s digital roadmap and received high marks from test users.

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