Cryptocurrency Trading Screens

Results in Faster Adoption by Users


A global financial technology provider needed cryptocurrency trading screens created from scratch as part of a digital assets trading and payments platform for a cryptocurrency offering.

Our client had an API that could be coded against, but it lacked a front-end screen for retail-based customers to trade.

The trading user interface needed to be visually engaging and easy to use for traders as well as encompass the nuances of managing a crypto asset.

The work needed to be delivered quickly to get ahead of certain market conditions.

The Solution

We were engaged to design and develop cryptocurrency trading screens. Our nearshore team implemented a React.js solution to build out the trading order entry screens, which allowed for efficient updating of screen elements and a fast and responsive user experience, with screens that included engaging trading chart visualizations. Our services included visual and user experience design, resulting in a new and improved graphical user interface (GUI).


The client now has a world-class trading screen that allows for faster adoption by users that don’t want to integrate directly into their API. The work was accomplished in half the time that it would have taken the client’s own teams to get to market.