Healthcare Startup

Website Design and Development

This healthcare technology startup was established in 2020 and has an ambitious goal of transforming the healthcare industry by accelerating technological, clinical, and operational advances.

The company was preparing to launch at a major healthcare industry event, and needed to declare itself as an important brand in the industry’s tech sector. It is imperative for a technology brand to have a top-notch digital presence.


The timing between the company forming and this industry event was tight. This client had to quickly develop its key message and brand platform while designing and developing its website.

The Solution

Kopius* was engaged to design and build the website, working closely with the marketing and branding teams to craft a user experience and content strategy that told the company’s story and delivered an excellent user experience.

Thanks to the firm’s background in healthcare combined with its industry-leading staff of designers and developers, Kopius was able to move quickly. The effort began with low- and high-fidelity wireframes, and included a digital style guide that addressed voice principles, color palettes, typography, photography, and digital styling elements.

The website was published and bug-free in time for the event and the company’s launch. Technologies used include WordPress, Gutenberg blocks, CI/CD pipeline for code, and Docker with build scripts.


The website design showed brand maturity and leadership, and the site structure attracted partners and customers to the client’s powerful message about transforming healthcare with technology.

Our client used press momentum and marquee sponsorship of the large health conference to drive traffic to the website, and to capture interest from prospective customers and industry contacts.

In the first 4 weeks, the website had 3,879 Sessions and 9,445 page views.

*Kopius performed this work under its previously known business name, Valence.