Announcing the HoloLens Innovation Accelerator


Today at Augmented World Expo 2018, we are incredibly excited to announce our HoloLens Innovation Accelerator! This marks an important day for us at Kopius for two reasons: first, it is the first of many Innovation Accelerators we will release this year, and second because it marks an important milestone for Kopius and our approach to augmented reality.

Everyone at Kopius works with a lot of enterprise customers, and time and again the number one challenge they deal with is simply finding a way to get started with new and emerging technologies. In many ways, the very fact that these new technologies — like artificial intelligence, voice and chat, robotics, blockchain and more — are so powerful and flexible is exactly why it can be so difficult to pick one and get moving.

Our Innovation Accelerators represent an important step in solving this problem. They provide a specific — and often vertical, industry-oriented — framework that helps “jumpstart” a real-life solution. An Innovation Accelerator contains sample code and a reference architecture that our customers can build from, working together with Kopius.

Our first Innovation Accelerator is focused on the Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality platform. HoloLens is a very powerful mixed reality headset, and it provides a lot of flexibility for solution developers (like Kopius!) to make end-to-end solutions. One of the many things that we believe mixed and augmented reality is good for is getting contextual information on physical objects simply by looking at them.

Our HoloLens Innovation Accelerator provides a framework for doing exactly that. It is built using the Mixed Reality Toolkit for Unity, combined with the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, Azure Cognitive Services and ASP.NET SignalR. We bring these components together so a user, simply by directing the field-of-view toward a piece of industrial equipment (or any object, for that matter), can view key IoT data in a digital dashboard projected above the actual object.

For us this is a great way to show the value of a “front-end” data visualization experience integrated with industrial “back-end” IoT data stored in enterprise systems.

We are super excited to be demo-ing this while at AWE 2018 — Contact Us for more details and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @KopiusTech