Cloud Services

Cloud services enable access to applications and infrastructure through a cloud environment. Your company can subscribe to these resources through a cloud service provider. With cloud services, you can access essential computing resources to propel your business’s growth without purchasing and maintaining your own hardware and software.

Kopius is a cloud service company for mid-size to enterprise businesses across many industries. We have various services for businesses looking to move to the cloud environment and take advantage of third-party outsourcing. Our nearshore team delivers practical solutions tailored to your company that meet your needs today while preparing for future growth.

Adopting Cloud Technology

Migrating to cloud-based solutions or managing digital technology on the cloud takes effort and poses challenges. Here are some obstacles you might face regarding cloud technology and how our cloud consulting services can aid the process:

  • Speed: You need your business to operate efficiently, even during changes. Having a partner to assist with cloud services platforms keeps your company running smoothly.
  • Scalability: Your cloud infrastructure must expand with your business. We can scale your cloud resources and storage to meet your new business demands without purchasing physical infrastructure.
  • Cost: With our cloud service models, you will pay for only the resources you use. This setup will save your company money and resources, so you can focus more on your primary business goals.
  • Backup and recovery: Kopius will back up your critical data to our cloud environment, preventing local data loss from hardware malfunctions or threats.
  • Security: When moving your resources off-site, you want to know they’ll stay safe. Proper management and threat prevention keep your data secure even against advanced and evolving threats.

Harness Cloud Technology With Kopius Expertise

Kopius has several cloud application services, including:

  • Cloud strategy: With cloud strategy consulting, your company can leverage our expert knowledge. Create a cloud adoption strategy considering efficiency, risk, security, accessibility, deployment speed, and costs. Your cloud infrastructure will meet your process goals and promote efficiency.
  • Cloud application development: Use our cloud application development services to build cloud-based apps. We create rapid, scalable, secure, and purpose-driven solutions. These apps will boost your efficiency and give you innovative ways to work and serve customers.
  • Cloud infrastructure: Our cloud infrastructure and managed services involve supplying and maintaining hardware, storage, and network resources necessary for cloud computing. Our ongoing support includes automation, security, and cost reporting.
  • Cloud computing: Our cloud computing services deliver IT resources on demand. We will maintain the physical infrastructure and components, and your team can take advantage of our data storage, analytics, tools, and servers.
  • Cloud engineering: Cloud engineering services from Kopius enable cloud environment transformations to make the infrastructure accessible to your team. We will review your business needs and recommend the most impactful architecture.

Empower Your Business With Kopius Cloud Services

Kopius is a nearshore company with extensive enterprise cloud service experience. Since we are inspired realists, we identify practical and innovative solutions to address your needs today while preparing your company for future growth. Our capabilities are reasonable and affordable to help you gain agile and flexible solutions for your business.

Our past successes in cloud services for business demonstrate our expertise. We have provided cloud engineering for a commercial drone and data company. Our history also includes cloud services for Boeing and Spaceflight

Transform Your Business With Cloud Services Today

Choose Kopius for our cloud platform capabilities. Let us focus on cloud management and strategy so you can focus on using the cloud environment to benefit your business. Contact us online for more information.

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