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A progressive web app (PWA) is a website designed to look and act like a mobile application. PWAs exist because they support mobile-friendly content without requiring users to download an app to their phones. A user can access a PWA using the web browser search on their mobile device.

A PWA uses the principles of responsive design — the application adapts to a user’s environment and behaviors. When a user wants to access a PWA, the site will reflect their screen size, platform, and orientation to deliver content in a way that is easy to navigate and consume.

Creating Engaging and Accessible Web Apps

Progressive web app development comes with some unique considerations as it combines web and mobile app technologies. Here are a few of the most common challenges businesses face:

  • Making app-like features in an online environment for improved customer satisfaction
  • Ensuring progressive web apps are discoverable to aid in market adoption
  • Managing the technological complexity of PWAs without incurring high support costs
  • Making PWAs compatible across multiple browsers for the highest level of adoption
  • Optimizing the application’s performance for a smooth user experience

Our past work for customers demonstrates our expertise in overcoming these obstacles and other challenges related to PWA development. As a progressive web app development company, we have created applications for various industries, including a launch services company, a Fortune 1000 health care company, a health care nonprofit, and an IoT provider.

Our Progressive Web App Development Services

At Kopius, we help your business thrive by developing a progressive web app. Web and mobile applications are key to succeeding as a modern business, and a PWA allows you to leverage the benefits of both application types.

We’ll work with you to understand your brand and your business goals to create a PWA that reflects your customer base. We prioritize agile delivery and offer a team of innovative and experienced technical professionals to guide you through the process. When we’ve completed the development process, your business can enjoy a web app that:

  • Eliminates updates for users.
  • Is optimized for search engines.
  • Offers fast loading speeds.
  • Responds to device type and screen size.
  • Features built-in encryption with HTTPS.

What Can Progressive Web Apps Do for Your Business?

With a PWA, you can

  • Make your content more accessible: When your site content is easy to navigate and search engine optimized, you can expand your customer base and make your site more accessible across the board. Whether your consumer base uses laptops, tablets, desktops, or phones, they’ll be able to find and navigate your site.
  • Improve user experience: Beyond the improved accessibility PWAs offer, they offer many of the functions of a mobile app that support positive user experience. PWAs work offline and can be added to a phone’s home screen as a shortcut. They also have much lower data consumption than a standard web app, so they load faster and create seamless experiences for users.
  • Sidestep dependence on app distribution services: Creating an app involves relying on app distributors, like the App Store or Google Play. These distributors charge fees for publishing your application, and they govern app functionalities with policies and restrictions. Being app store independent gives you more developmental freedom.
  • Save on development costs: PWA development depends on web technologies like CSS and Javascript, making them more cost-effective than developing a mobile app for each smartphone operating system. Creating a single PWA works across all devices thanks to its responsive design, saving you money and time.

Why Choose Kopius for PWA?

Our team consists of experts in design, digital strategy, and engineering to create a comprehensive development process. Our focus on innovative and cost-effective delivery allows your business to leverage the benefits of modern design without overextending your budget. Our PWA development company wants to help your business reach new heights, and we’re ready to do so with an inspired and collaborative approach.

Begin Your Web App Journey Today

A progressive web application is a way to bring your business into the modern world. Contact Kopius today to get started with PWA development services.

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