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Data governance involves managing the availability, integrity, and usability of business data. Every business needs a strategy based on internal policies to ensure data is trustworthy and consistent while preventing misuse. Kopius helps your business develop a data governance strategy for high-impact results and effective risk management.

Ensuring Effective Data Governance Frameworks

Data governance can be challenging for every business, especially for companies transitioning from legacy systems to modern cloud infrastructures. When your business isn’t familiar with how to govern data, you may experience major inefficiencies in data integration or noncompliance issues. Some of the most common challenges with data governance include:

  • Resources: Small budgets and limited personnel can lead to an underdeveloped or nonexistent data governance strategy. While companies need to factor data governance into their annual budgets, they also need solutions that are more accessible than internal teams dedicated to the process.
  • Data quality: Many businesses spend time and resources collecting data that doesn’t align with their goals. An essential practice in data governance is ensuring data acquisition is always relevant to business objectives and stakeholder demands. This strategy ensures the efficient use of resources and empowers your company with meaningful data.
  • Leadership: Every company needs someone to lead a data governance strategy to inform internal decision-making and support data literacy. However, many businesses lack this leadership because they fail to recognize the importance of the role or have limited resources to hire someone internally. 

Enterprise Data Governance Solutions

Kopius offers data governance as a service to maximize data value while minimizing risks. We begin by defining your organization’s data management policies. These include aspects like ownership, access control, and privacy guidelines. Once we establish a framework, we create processes to enforce your policies, ensuring consistent data quality. 

Our team also ensures your data is accurate, secure, compliant with regulations, and applicable to your decision-making processes. This step includes establishing measures to protect against unauthorized access, manage data breaches, and respond to data security incidents. We act as data management leaders within your organization by providing guidance and education to enhance your processes. We have collaborated with various clients on data governance strategies. In one case, we worked with Boeing to create a proof of concept for a secure data-sharing solution. Another project included establishing data management processes for a healthcare nonprofit.

Gain Confidence in Your Data

At Kopius, our data governance capabilities strengthen your operations without overextending your resources. With our consulting, you can:

  • Manage risks: A comprehensive data governance strategy ensures you meet compliance guidelines. It establishes best practices for keeping data secure and private.
  • Save time: Unclear data governance can lead to departmental disorganization, affecting performance. You may notice bottlenecks in certain processes and time-consuming report reconciliation. With our team defining data governance, you can streamline various processes and create more consistent results.
  • Enhance planning: Big data plays a critical role in decision-making for modern businesses. When your team knows where to access data and can trust its value, big decisions become more informed, and you can see the positive results. 
  • Increase profitability: Our data governance capabilities empower your team to make decisions that increase profitability. Experience empowered decision-making that lays the groundwork for impressive growth. 

Our Approach to Data Governance and Compliance

As a team of inspired realists, Kopius drives developments in digital technology for companies of all sizes. Practices like data governance are just as valuable to small businesses as they are to enterprises, and we make these approaches more accessible.

Collaboration is critical to each of our services. We engage with your business to understand your unique goals and tailor our solutions to your vision. We can build strategies from the ground up or work with your existing ones to create a cohesive and results-driven plan that increases your data security. 

Partner With Kopius for Data Governance Services

Kopius drives powerful change in data strategy for companies of all sizes. As a nearshore team, we can work with you wherever you are. Get in touch with us today to discuss our data governance consulting.

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