Nearshore Technology Solutions

The Unique Power of a Nearshore Team

The Kopius team is on your side as you seek to scale your technical teams. We have inspired realists nearby to offer various services that aid your company’s success. As your company grows, we increase the range of skills and services available through nearshore staff augmentation for development.

Swiftly onboard highly skilled nearshore and onshore professionals who bring hard-to-find technical skills, are fluent English speakers, and work in your time zone. Boost your engineering projects with our scalable and highly skilled Latin American teams of experts that optimize the delivery speed and development outcomes.

The recruiting team is as critical to this process as the professionals they place in your staff. Our recruiters specialize in placing engineering talent, so they understand the technological needs in the context of the industry you work in and can find the best match for your team and project.

Our Nearshore Development Solutions

Kopius has offices to serve you in Washington and Argentina, providing support within a small time difference to enhance your digital technology outcomes. Many companies struggle to find sufficient digital technology talent in their area of operations. Hiring onshore or nearshore software outsourcing means you get nearby support without facing cultural and geographic barriers. 

Our teams provide end-to-end development services. We work with you to plan product concepts and develop them into usable solutions. After creating a solution for your company, we continue to manage the software, adding improvements or changes as needed. With our nearshore software development services, you’ll have all the support you need close by. 

What Can Our Solutions Do for You?

Working with our exceptional nearshore team members enables you to operate in the sweet spot of communication, collaboration, and engineering talent.  Experience a recruiting process that will ensure a quick ramp-up with open communication channels from day one. 

Our recruitment processes are continually evaluated for speed and accuracy and outpace the market in speed and quality of hires. Want proof? Our clients experience an average time-to-market reduction rate of 160%.

Kopius works with clients to amplify innovation within the business strategy by delivering a cycle of research, discovery, ideation, testing, measuring, and refining new ideas that can advance business objectives. Our solutions serve a wide range of industries, including:

  • Education
  • Finance 
  • Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing 
  • Health care
  • Logistics

We offer high agility and flexibility with a recruiting team that selects team members based on their expertise in your particular industry or project type. Kopius doesn’t force-fit companies into a process. Our agility extends to the project design and development stages, where we’re willing to work according to your processes or offer guidance based on our extensive expertise.

Partner With Kopius for Nearshore Outsourcing

When you seek nearshore software outsourcing, turn to Kopius. We have teams in Washington and Argentina to serve your business, offering quality services at a price meeting your budget. Our services cover every stage of the development process, giving you a solution that fully realizes the abundant potential of our digital world. 

Ready to experience the benefits for yourself? Get in touch with our team online to discuss how we can enhance your strategic technical capacity.

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