Woman giving a presentation with a laptop and screen
Fortune 10 Company

Immersive Technology Showcase

This global technology business serves the public sector, with federal, state, and local governments relying on its services. The business had successfully established itself as a leading productivity technology provider.


The public sector market represents a massive opportunity for this business. The worldwide emphasis on cloud services meant that this client needed to join its peers in pivoting its business model to promote cloud services, but public sector clients struggled to make the connection between the client’s productivity offerings and its cloud services.


Our client needed to demonstrate cloud capabilities and tell a clear and compelling story to its customers.

Kopius* was chosen to conceptualize, design, develop, and support a live demo facilitated by technology. Kopius was chosen thanks to the firm’s deep understanding of cloud technology. The demo tells the client’s story and helps to activate sales conversations between our client’s sales team and its customers.

Behind the scenes, Kopius provided project management, demo curation, and technical support for an immersive experience that was spearheaded in Washington, DC and then replicated across the United States. In our role as demo facilitators, we contributed a comprehensive understanding of cloud technologies, the competitive landscape, our client’s technology offerings, and market needs.

Tour sessions serve groups of 8-10 attendees, who engage in 90-minute tours through an immersive trade-show style booth with several rooms. Each room showcases real cloud solutions impacting organizations using our client’s technology.


The first round of demos delivered 101 tours reaching 602 people from 200 organizations. The combination of demos and tour facilitation drove new cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) business opportunities for our client. The success of the effort resulted in a decision to repeat this model at additional locations for expanded services.

*Kopius performed this work under its previously known business name, Valence.