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Quality Assurance + Testing

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Be confident that the digital solution you are about to launch will perform as designed. We develop custom automated testing to assess and improve every step of software development. From manual quality assurance, test automation, to DevOps continuous integration testing, we provide QA and testing support onshore and nearshore.

What can this solution do for you?

Quality assurance guarantees that you deploy products that are clear of errors, provide the best performance possible, and meet the expectations of your customers. And we know that making your users happy will result in customer loyalty, repeat transactions, upsells, and ambassadorship of your brand. Hand the testing to us and enjoy a thorough and exhaustive QA process and successful product integration.

Case Studies

DSC Logistics

Scale On-Demand Architecture Solution

DSC needed a cost-effective “Scale on-demand” architecture solution.

QA and Testing

Automated Testing Frameworks Streamline Development Iteration Time by 95%

Kopius’ quality assurance team implemented an automated testing suite built on REST services.


Agile DevOps Approach Improves QA Testing Times by 97%

Time to Fix technical and functional issues reduced by 45%


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