Fortune 100 Vehicle Manufacturer

Data Visualization

Our client is a leader in the design and manufacture of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles and their parts. This is a sophisticated global leader with a complex ecosystem of products and customers. The business has vast sources of data, with data sources attributed to every aspect of its organization.


Like many global, logistically complex businesses, this client was collecting tens of thousands of data points from trucks, with their parts driving across the country and around the world every hour of every day. They had a lot of data but struggled to make sense of it or to use it to advance the business.

The company needed to demonstrate market leadership and competitive differentiator, and there was a chance that data could help.

How smart is Artificial Intelligence?

The Solution

Kopius* was chosen to provide a reporting & analytics solution that would reveal actionable business insights. The solution includes big data visualization to help the sales team optimize product recommendations for each customer.

Kopius started the effort by conducting a discovery period to document the data sources and also to understand the sales process and the sales team’s needs.

Informed by that discovery process, we then designed and developed a Tableau dashboard that puts pertinent data at the fingertips of the sales team. The dashboard includes informative graphs, charts, and maps showing everything from fuel economy by state per customer to the date and location of dash lamp errors. This level of customized specificity built trust with the prospective customers and demonstrated the high-quality experience that our client built their business upon.

The dashboard includes an “Opportunity” section that estimates savings to customers if they switch to different configurations using actual data as the source for algorithms.

The client’s sales team has a one-of-a-kind, dynamic tool with real-world data to support customer interactions and sales efforts.


The dashboard was universally adopted by the sales team and deployed in the prospecting process. Client satisfaction increased thanks to the quality of the recommendation engine, and relationships between sales team members and their clients were strengthened.

*Kopius performed this work under its previously known business name, Valence.