Unified Data Governance

Our client is a people-focused technology and telecommunications brand that offers a spectrum of services to a variety of industries and markets. Technology is at the heart of competitiveness for this organization.

Because of the varied services and markets, leadership must understand complex KPI data pulled from disparate sources. Decisions must be informed, confident, and efficient.


Our client struggled to achieve a holistic view of the business across its initiatives. It was difficult to drive portfolio-wide decisions based on program data. Detailed project-based data was in disparate systems and decision makers couldn’t surface the data in a consumable way.

These challenges were holding the business back from achieving its potential.

The Solution

Kopius* was engaged to understand the data ecosystem within the client’s business and to recommend a strategy for data governance and reporting. Following those recommendations, Kopius was asked to implement the governance structure.

Working with the client, we were able to implement a data governance process that addressed intake, drove initiative priority scoring, provided synthesized results, and delivered guidance on the overall portfolio execution approach.

This resulted in a consolidated portfolio view of both in-flight work as well as upcoming “horizon” work in which the team would invest.


In addition to bringing consistency to the reported project detail, the cross-functional leadership team could now leverage data insights to provide decision support across sensitivity analysis of expected outcomes based on optional paths forward.

*Kopius performed this work under its previously known business name, Valence.