Man in a server room using a laptop
Fintech Company

Fintech Company Migrates from Monolithic On-Prem System to Cloud-Based Microservices Solution

Accelerated growth, increased customer satisfaction, increased efficiency


This tech-first provider of professional liability insurance for healthcare, real estate, tech, and other industries leverages technology to make insurance simple and affordable for professionals and small businesses.

Man in a server room using a laptop

The Challenge

Our client’s central technology was rigid to work with and built on an outdated version of a system that depended on on-premise data storage. The system included a client-facing interface for entering data, and a back-end used by team members to access and use the data.

The company experienced significant growth in customers and employees using its system as it expanded the range of products offered. The system was not able to easily scale with their growth and was cumbersome to use, and there was a risk that customers and employees would experience issues. While the code in the legacy system was high-quality, it was difficult to maintain across different teams, and a challenge to find engineers with expertise in the system.  Further, team members struggled to update their on-prem data storage, which slowed down the business.

The Solution

It was time for our client to migrate its monolithic legacy system to a modern microservice architecture on the cloud to improve performance and the customer experience.

Our client selected Kopius because of the team’s specialized technical skills, the ease of working with nearshore teams, and the exceptional value of the work for the investment made. Further, Kopius demonstrated significant expertise in the financial services domain, which gave our client confidence that Kopius project leads understand the unique and consequential requirements of software engineered for the insurance industry.

Kopius designated a team that includes a tech lead, developers, a QA lead, a QA analyst for QA automation, business analysts, and a product owner to partner with our client’s teams, enabling us to be flexible and address a variety of domains and products with wide coverage on our client’s platforms.

Kopius developed a modern microservice architecture that includes process automation developed with Golang and deployed on AWS. In contrast to the previous system, this cloud-based solution supports company growth, provides greater flexibility to add features and functionality, and offers a solution that is easier to manage and organize.

Kopius deployed automated QA testing for each microservice, improving the quality of the service and reducing the number of bugs sent to production – improving the customer experience while reducing costs.


Our client is benefiting from reduced infrastructure costs and time investments to support its growth in customers, products, and employees. An additional benefit is that development and deployment processes are now easier and better organized, to further optimize the business. By using micro-services, the client can scale each micro-service differently and suited to its specific needs. The microservice approach also creates flexibility in staffing models and simplifies the structure of roles and responsibilities.

Now our client can scale its offerings with greater performance and is also liberated to add features and products faster and more easily. The updated architecture showed immediate benefits, with the client’s team releasing new products before the new system was fully launched.