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Quality assurance (QA) for software monitors the engineering processes, methods, work items, and activities to make sure the software meets or exceeds performance standards from bodies such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Monitoring the software includes evaluating its security, performance, functionality, and usability from coding to launch. With QA, you can continuously maintain and improve your software offerings.

Kopius is a QA capabilities company with extensive software testing services. We develop custom automated testing procedures to assess and improve software development. Our QA testing services include test automation, manual quality assurance, and DevOps continuous integration testing for nearshore models. You can be confident that when you launch your new digital solution, it will perform just as you designed it.

Overcoming QA Challenges

Some common challenges in the QA software testing services include:

  • Last-minute changes to testing requirements due to modifications in software benchmarks.
  • Minimal experience with software testing that hinders the efficiency of the testing process.
  • Tests not matching real-world user conditions that cause disruptions for the end users.
  • Lack of communication between software developers and testers, resulting in different expectations.

Working with a QA capabilities company like Kopius can help your team overcome these challenges. We are a QA services company with extensive expertise in testing. Our experience spans many industries, including a logistics company, a stealth mode startup, and a health care system.

Improve Product Quality With Software Testing Services

Kopius offers several types of software testing to address all stages of production. Whether your software needs one test or a comprehensive testing program, our QA testing capabilities will identify and prevent quality issues before production. With testing done, you can increase efficiency and release tested products faster.

Our testing capabilities include:

  • Performance testing: We will test the performance, network, and load of your software by verifying the scalability, stress, load, and volume.
  • Functional testing: We will evaluate your software features using sanity, unit, and black-box testing methods.
  • Cybersecurity testing: We will verify your software’s ability to protect your data from cyberattacks and other malicious threats.
  • Usability testing: We will review your software’s design from a usability standpoint, including user interface and user experience.

During testing, our team will compare your software’s capabilities with the quality checkpoints to ensure your product development is on track for its launch.

Why Our Clients Choose Kopius Software Testing Services

Software QA testing with Kopius benefits your company and customers. We will establish expectations for your product to help you produce high-quality software. We keep performance, functionality, cybersecurity, and usability at the forefront to create quality products that satisfy customers and boost brand credibility. By addressing the software’s functionality during testing, your team can focus on enhancements after launch.

QA capabilities from Kopius offer several advantages for your company. We make sure your deployed products are error-free and ready to perform and meet your customers’ expectations. As a result, your company will gain loyal and returning customers, increased transactions, upsells, and a positive brand image. With Kopius managing your product software quality engineering, we will complete a thorough and detailed QA process for successful product integration.

Elevate Your Software Products With Kopius QA Testing

For more information about how our software testing capabilities can enhance your quality assurance, contact Kopius online today.

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