Advancing Digital Transformation in Manufacturing, Operations, and Logistics 

At Valence we are known for building and deploying leading-edge solution using digital transformation technologies. While many companies see the need for digital transformation, choosing where to start in any big industrial enterprise — and in particular manufacturing, operations and logistics — can be overwhelming. The gap between business systems and tools and the pillars of technology transforming business today may as well be the Grand Canyon. Taken together with the often monumental change management and culture gap workload, many teams find themselves far from becoming a data and technology-driven enterprise. Many know they need to execute on digital transformation — they just don’t know where to start.

How to address digital transformation in manufacturing, operations, and logistics? 

We try to close these gaps by connecting business domain knowledge with our clients with technology and solution expertise. We try to know enough about an industry to help companies get started down the digital transformation path. Because getting started — simply beginning the process of “doing” and “learning” — is what matters most.  Need a digital transformation team who understands global supply chain? How about distribution operations, warehousing, and transportation? What about reliability in industrial manufacturing? And why not add first-hand experience of monumental culture-change when integrating businesses, on top of the complexities of combining ERP systems? At Valence we have more domain knowledge to combine with our expertise than ever.

We are committed helping you transform your business and operating results through the practical application of modern technologies. And we want to connect you to the experts who understand your business to make it happen. We’re not talking about just purely academic knowledge from freshly minted MBAs, but real empathy from Fortune 500 senior leadership who has walked in your shoes (steel-toed, that is), coupled with seasoned operations and builders of technology solutions. Let’s make it happen!

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