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Your employees use digital technology to accomplish their work every day. Depending on the quality of the platform, the technology may make their job easier, or lead them to create workarounds. Digital employee experience (DEX) design centers on creating a seamless experience for the user, (your team members). 

At Kopius, we have a team of inspired realists who use a test-and-learn approach, rooted in ethnographic research, to build experiences that improve employee productivity and increase functionality across your entire business. Our employee experience consulting spans all stages, from product planning to long-term development and management.

Tailored Solutions for Digital Employee Experience

Our team of designers, engineers and product experts create employee experiences that enhance your internal operations and in turn help you to serve your customers better. We partner with businesses at any stage of the process stage, including: 

  • Discover and Planning: Our team uses ethnography to uncover the frictions and latent needs of your employees. We co-create with you and your teams to improve process and develop concepts that serves every segment of your workforce. 
  • Development: We work through technical development to create software that meet specific goals and agreed. We use agile to continually test, learn and deploy throughout the development process. 
  • Support: Our working environments are constantly evolving and so is the technology we need to complete our tasks. Which is why we continue to test, learn and develop after each launch. 

Our practical solutions suit how your employees work today while looking to the future to provide lasting collaboration and engagement. We work at speed and scale to serve your business by specializing in the following services:

Benefits of DEX Technology

Digital employee experience software gives your team the tools to accomplish work productively. This productivity, in turn, helps your customers. When employees have the means to succeed, they achieve better outcomes for the clients they serve. Here are a few benefits explained in more detail:

  • Seamless workflows: When employees have a software solution they can rely on, they can work more productively, creating smoother internal processes.
  • Customer satisfaction: While your employees use the programs, your clients will benefit from the increased speed and quality of work done on their behalf.
  • Improved collaboration: The best DEX enables employees to work with their team members rather than creating barriers to collaboration.

The Kopius Advantage

At Kopius, we are leaders in digital transformation and drive continuous value for clients who invest in our technology solutions. Our team members provide strategic expertise to guide your program and processes. We also tailor our approach to how your organization functions, rather than forcing you into a one-size-fits-all solution. Here are a few ways clients benefit from working with us:

  • Value: Our solutions maximize your money spent, providing exceptional quality while keeping costs reasonable. 
  • Size: We have the scale to offer a full suite of solutions and support while maintaining the personalized services your company needs. 
  • Certifications: Our team members hold numerous technical certifications, demonstrating their expertise in system design. 
  • Creativity: Ever-changing digital and company landscapes present challenges that our team handles with innovative ideas and techniques. 

Elevate Your Employee Experience With Kopius

Kopius is a nearshore digital technology consulting firm with expertise across various industries. Our team has the knowledge and experience to guide your creation of employee experience tools. Ensure a productive and satisfied workforce with our planning, development, and support. Connect online to share your project ideas with us.

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