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Developing solutions that drive strategic outcomes, Kopius is your partner for data storage and organization. Our experts use data lake solutions to unlock the ability to store data spanning all formats in one accessible location. Contact us to discuss the possibilities that a data lake will open for your business. 

Addressing Data Architecture Challenges 

Data drives decision-making, so your organization collects information about every step of your processes. The data you collect can take many forms — some raw, some structured, and others in between. Your data can also come from various systems, requiring validation, deduplication, cleansing, and consolidation. Regardless of type or source, organizing and processing data are critical steps. A data lake is the most succinct way to organize structured and unstructured data together. 

Our Data Lake Solutions

Data lakes are central reservoirs that facilitate the storage and analysis of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. Information enters the data lake from various sources, including customer relationship management systems, enterprise resource planning systems, open data sources, server and application logs, social media sites, and equipment sensors. 

Once inside the lake, data undergoes the process necessary for your organization to leverage the data within strategies. Data lakes have tools for data ingestion, preparation, feature extraction, machine learning, artificial intelligence training, and other processes. A data lake allows business analysts, researchers, and scientists to access data, analyze information, and form strategies efficiently.

Strategic Benefits of Enterprise Data Lake Integration 

Data lakes offer numerous advantages to businesses and decision-making teams: 

  • Flexibility: Data lakes provide the flexibility to store data covering all formats.
  • Scalability: These solutions are large, allowing them to store massive amounts of information and support significant upscaling. 
  • Cost efficiency: Using a data lake reduces the need to allocate resources to data processing prior to storage and analysis. 
  • Analytical agility: Data lakes reduce the time-to-insight, helping leaders build strategies and make decisions faster.
  • Strategic utility: The included tools integrate data from numerous sources and implement robust processing tools to yield actionable reports. 

Why Companies Trust Kopius Data Lake Services 

Kopius partners with your business to provide nearshore data lake services. We offer turnkey solutions that equip our experts to help your business establish and maintain a storage and processing system that drives positive strategic outcomes. Our data lake capabilities include:

  • Consultation: We will determine the strategic goals, data sources, organization parameters, and processing requirements that will drive your data lake solution.
  • Design and architecture: Our team members will build a data lake that uses the ideal development platform, ingestion strategy, storage infrastructure, processing functions, and data lake analytics tools.
  • Integration: Our experts will connect your data lake with the programs, applications, services, and hardware that capture the information you need.
  • Security: We will build a data lake security infrastructure with robust access control and management tools.
  • Management and maintenance: Our professionals provide nearshore oversight and support for your live data lake

Use Enterprise Data Lake Solutions to Elevate Data Management With Kopius

Kopius leads the field among the premier data lake companies for all industries. We leverage actionable insight and powerful technology within a nearshore model to produce cost-effective data lake solutions that drive results. Our project management team will commit to your needs as we deliver an end-to-end solution. Contact us online to schedule a consultation with the Kopius data lake developers.

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