Data Management Solutions

Data management is essential for modern businesses, as it keeps information organized and allows companies to leverage powerful analytics. With Kopius, your business can experience the high impact of enterprise data management. 

Challenges With Data Management 

Data management is invaluable to businesses that want to leverage their data for more informed planning. Despite knowing the value of data management, many companies face roadblocks in the process. Some of the biggest challenges in data management include:

  • Data volume: With most businesses dealing with data in some form or another, the volume of it collects quickly. One of the biggest challenges for companies at all scales is managing the volume of data they intake daily. Without strong systems, confronting large volumes of data may not feel accessible.
  • Inadequate processes: Data collection processes must be well-defined to ensure consistent, high-quality data. However, developing these systems may be challenging, especially for smaller businesses that are only beginning to see the value of data in operations. 
  • Integration: It’s typical for modern businesses to have data from multiple sources, but integrating this data is a separate process. Integration is essential for assessing all available data during decision-making, but this practice can feel inaccessible to businesses lacking skilled resources.

Our Data Management and Analytics Solutions 

Kopius empowers businesses with data management and analytics solutions so they can maximize the value of their data. Our data management services vary widely based on a company’s unique goals and existing systems. Often, these services start with developing a data architecture that defines specific technologies for your needs and how we’ll deploy databases to support high data volumes. 

Other aspects of data management as a service can include:

  • Data modeling: Our team creates a visual representation of your information system to define how data points connect and communicate. In collaboration with your business, we develop rules and requirements based on your goals and stakeholder needs. This model enables us to adapt your existing system or build a new one from the ground up. 
  • Data integration: We examine your multiple data sources and develop a master server to integrate all data into a single, unified view. These multiple sources can include sales systems, marketing operations, customer-facing applications, and much more. 
  • Data warehousing and data lakes: A data warehouse stores structured data that’s been compiled and analyzed into a single repository. These warehouses are valuable for business intelligence (BI) querying and reporting. A data lake is a more contemporary approach that stores large data pools for use with machine learning, predictive modeling, and other advanced analytics. 

Advantages of Choosing Kopius for Data Management 

At Kopius, we are agents of change for businesses looking to transform their digital technology. As a team of inspired realists, we apply innovative data management and analytics methods to empower companies based on their available resources. Even when you’re a small company, streamlined data management is within reach with Kopius.

We deliver our services with complete collaboration. Your team plays a role in decision-making every step of the way, and we learn about your unique goals to design a turnkey strategy that delivers results.

Learn More About Our Data Management Capabilities

Our enterprise data management capabilities power digital technology evolutions. With our dual-shore team, we can work with you anywhere. See what we can do by reaching out to our team today. 

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