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Product Design

At Kopius, we know product design matters, both in creating an enticing end result and fostering a connection with your future customers. We have years of experience as a product design agency, assisting in the development and distribution of digital sites and software in a range of industries. Our services have you covered from conception through launch and beyond, ensuring customers see that your product is as powerful, unique, and adaptable as you are.

Achieve Success With Effective Product Design

Online consumers expect everything at their fingertips. If your digital presence is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, they’re more likely to stay. However, unintuitive design, account requirements, and other barriers can turn them away in seconds. Even if they need your product or service, a convoluted website or app can turn them away to find someone else who can meet their needs better. We leverage our expertise to help you emphasize your product’s value and build a loyal customer base.

Our End-to-End Product Design and Development Services

Receive the support and services you require from a product development consultant with the tools and strategies to transform your idea into a digital product that creates long-term customer relationships. Unlock the potential of your digital product with our comprehensive capabilities.

UX Research and Design

We innovate based on what matters most — your customers. Understanding who your buyers are and what they want from your product should inform every aspect of creation and design. We compile data from everywhere we can, including target demographics, existing site data, competitors’ data, and the market as a whole. Then, we start developing a product that meets the intersection between consumer preferences and brand identity.

Throughout the design stage, we pay close attention to essential backend processes that allow clients to use your services with ease. We implement tools and strategies that allow for more secure transactions, such as payment channel integration and eSignature capture technology.


Digital product design and development are incomplete without infusing it with your brand’s identity. Branding is crucial to ensuring people remember who you are and where your offerings come from. As your customers navigate your site or app, they should be reminded of where they are without it coming off as overbearing. Kopius’ professionals know how to find that middle ground and enhance your sales opportunities while fostering a strong relationship between creator and customer.

Prototyping and Testing

Before we release your product for general use, beta testing helps us see anything we might have missed and work out bugs. These steps ensure your new product is ready to impress your customers from day one and instill a sense of confidence in your brand. We will complete as many rounds of testing and adjusting as your product needs to deliver the necessary results.

Unlock the Potential of Your Digital Product

When you have a team that is wholly dedicated to bringing your product to life, you get the benefits of additional insights in development without taking more onto your plate. The people at Kopius work tirelessly to realize your vision and keep you updated step by step, adding ideas where we can and ensuring the end product is something you’re proud to unveil.

Our Approach to Product Design and Development

These services clearly benefit companies in the product development process, but how can they apply to real-life operations? See our case studies with some of the world’s outstanding brands. 

United Launch Alliance’s Augmented Reality

ULA is a USA-based spacecraft manufacturer that came to Kopius to explore new marketing opportunities. In response, our team came up with an immersive augmented reality application that lets audiences everywhere explore virtual showrooms, experience product simulations, and share their excitement on social media.

Global Immersive Technology Development

As this business pivoted toward cloud-based services, it needed a new way to market itself to the public sector. With Kopius, the brand held a successful launch of a new live demo, which our team designed, developed, and supported.

CISION Automated Testing

Updating your website means taking the time to test it. See how Kopius’ quality assurance team developed and implemented an automated testing system for this company’s most challenging web services.

Create Outstanding Digital Products With Kopius

In a saturated, ever-online market, it’s no longer enough to be “good.” Satisfying your customers means delivering the best products, services, design, and user experience. Set yourself apart from your competitors by harnessing Kopius’ innovative spirit and working with our team to think outside the box.

We see your brand, and we know you have something special. Let us make sure everyone else knows it, too. Contact us today to meet our product development consultants.

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