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Digital Experience Platform

A digital experience platform (DXP) is a set of technologies dedicated to creating, maintaining, and optimizing digital experiences. At Kopius, we transform your digital experiences with DXP software, digital experience design, and other tailored solutions. 

DXP Software

DXP software from Kopius facilitates the design, management, and delivery of digital experiences. With this software, your team can build and optimize your website, app, and other channels to create seamless customer journeys.

Through this platform, you gain access to a suite of tools enabling you to speak to your users and collect data to understand their needs. After designing your digital experience, you can deliver the content across various platforms, like your website, social media accounts, mobile apps, and beyond.

Digital Experience Design

The Kopius team can lead your digital experience design to create a frictionless and memorable user experience for your customers. Our design experts and technical professionals collaborate with your team to understand your users and build digital experiences that resonate.

The digital experience design process includes a series of elements our team will break down and explore to uncover the best ones for your design. These include:

  • User interface (UI): UI is the front-end interface your users interact with. The goal of UI is to keep information easy to understand within an attractive design.
  • User experience design (UX): UX is the quality of the interaction a user has with your platform or channel. Creating an accessible, intuitive, and responsive platform involves researching users, prototyping layouts, and testing designs.
  • Customer experience (CX): CX refers to a customer’s lifetime experience with a product. This area of digital experience involves relationship-building with your customers by providing ongoing support, sending marketing emails, and creating custom product recommendations.

Our team explores these three elements to uncover improvements and design digital experiences that positively impact your users and customers.

Digital Experience Solutions

Our digital experience solutions take a more granular look at the digital experience you’ve created for your users. We can offer consulting and support for a range of digital experience elements, such as:

  • Marketing automation
  • Content management
  • A/B testing
  • Customer data management
  • Marketplace and storefront design

Our team will collaborate with your company to uncover your priorities and objectives. In understanding these goals, we determine which solutions will deliver the highest impact for your investment. We make digital experience solutions accessible to businesses of all sizes by working closely with budgets and aligning services with your unique goals. 

As a nearshore team, we have experts nationwide who can work in your time zone and with your schedule. We’re eager to explore the possibilities of your company’s digital experience and maximize the value of your assets.

Talk to Us About Our Digital Experience Capabilities

Kopius leads digital transformations in small businesses and large enterprises. With our commitment to your budget and a focus on collaboration, we deliver solutions that reflect your business objectives and offer visible results. We are a team of inspired realists — we’re ready to drive practical innovation for your company. Connect with us today to learn more about our digital experience capabilities. 



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