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Fast Growing Company Upgrades its Data Systems


This client is a leading global investment manager and business leader in commercial real estate and logistics. The business was growing fast and expanding its footprint across five US regions.

Fast growth can be exciting, but it comes with challenges. As the business expanded into new regions, its legacy home-grown tools built in Excel struggled to meet the operational needs of management. The company had significant data but was reliant on manual processes and unstable data processes to produce reports that were critical to decision making.

The leadership knew that there were important insights hidden within their data but couldn’t reveal those insights with their legacy tools.

This challenge inhibited agility, innovation, decision-making, and reporting.


Kopius was engaged to develop a data strategy to help our client organize its data and use it to inform the business. Kopius also designed and developed KPI dashboards to make it easier to understand and use the data.

We conducted site interviews with client stakeholders to document the existing reporting processes and technologies in each region, along with tracing the KPIs from current Excel files to source data. The transitory steps focused on data foundation updates, restructuring core data platforms to enable readiness in integration with a unified global reporting architecture. The new architecture was consolidated into a global BI Reporting Suite for automated KPI reporting across regions and performance insights via interactive dashboards to the company’s leadership.

Our design team worked with the data engineering team to develop a branded interface that would highlight key data points based on input received during the discovery and interview period.


The dashboards were launched and widely adopted. The client reports high satisfaction and excitement about the impact and ROI of this project.

This project also initiated a digital transformation for this client. Experiencing the efficiency gained by automating certain reporting functions from varied data sources freed the management team to consider additional opportunities to advance their growing business.

The company is now exploring additional technical advancements that could transform its business, including AR/VR, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

*Kopius performed this work under its previously known business name, Valence.