Applying Virtual Reality to Employee Training — A Deeper Look

By Jaime Swindle

Nestle Purina Case Study — Virtual Reality Factory Tour

Let’s talk about using virtual reality in employee training.

Our team is excited to showcase our recent Virtual Reality (VR) project designed and developed for Nestlé Purina on Oculus’s breakthrough tether-less headset, the Oculus Quest. We partnered with Nestlé Purina to create a VR training application that enables their colleagues to experience virtual tours of their factories and immerses them in a high-fidelity 360-degree environment that takes them step-by-step through the manufacturing process.

By providing a VR factory tour at new staff orientations, Nestlé Purina was able to asynchronously train employees, maintain the manufacturing staff’s focus on production, and dramatically save on travel costs.

Valence is proud to be part of the Oculus Business ISV Partner Program. The VR tour was developed on the new Oculus Quest headset, which allows for unrestrained and unplugged movement without needing a smartphone or gaming PC to power the device. Interactions are intuitive and require no additional training on the part of users. This aids in integrating breakthrough technologies seamlessly into Nestlé Purina’s workplace. Since the introduction of the VR training at Nestlé Purina, the company has benefited in many ways, such as:

As virtual reality headsets enter the mainstream, we can expect to see a wider adoption in enterprise use cases such as employee training.

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