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People use sarcasm, metaphors, and synonyms in colloquial speech daily. Combine them with the grammatical errors, acronyms, and shorthand we use online, and it’s easy to see why machine learning is a highly specialized process. As you bring in artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help your brand thrive, natural language processing (NLP) is crucial to ensuring its continued success in helping your customers and evolving with the times.

Convert Your Data Into Actionable Insights With NLP

Machine learning requires data to train from. However, information can contain several obstacles, from inaccuracies and ambiguities to false positives and multiple meanings and intentions that require further context for AI to understand. Beyond issues with the data itself, training an NLP system requires time, resources, and experience that many internal teams may lack. 

Fortunately, natural language processing companies like Kopius have the expertise to overcome common data challenges and subject matter experts to oversee the training. We train your AI to be meaningful for your goals so you can start using it as intended right away.

Expert Natural Language Processing Services

NLP is responsible for making technology and AI understand the intricacies of human language and delivering the right results when people request them. We develop training strategies for AI models in the following areas to ensure they function accurately:

  • Speech recognition: The ability to take voice requests and convert them into speech for analysis.
  • Natural language generation: This process is speech recognition in reverse — a system’s ability to take information and form it in a natural, humanistic speech pattern.
  • Word contextualization: Words and grammar affect the request, so when the same word has multiple meanings, the processor must understand both meanings and infer which is correct based on context clues in the rest of the query.
  • Name recognition: Also known as name entity recognition (NEM), this element refers to the system’s ability to understand proper nouns.
  • Sentiment analysis: A model must understand inflection, such as confusion or sarcasm, in a query.
  • Large language models (LLMs): As AI reaches new heights, LLMs with algorithms trained from massive datasets have become the standard for high-speed language analysis and generation.

Build Data for the Future With NLP Consulting From Kopius

When you use a chatbot, translator, spam detection service, or curated social media feed, it’s likely that NLP services are involved. Many brands have recognized the value of using this technology to streamline and automate some of their most basic operations, freeing their staff to take on more complex roles and continue innovating new solutions. It can also transform your:

  • Customer experience: The more your system understands consumer intent, the better it can personalize suggestions and searches for site visitors. When these results feel more personalized and relevant, your customers enjoy a better experience.
  • Operational efficiency and satisfaction: When you can entrust repetitive day-to-day tasks to AI, your employees can focus on meaningful work while reducing errors. You’ll see higher productivity, better results, and lower operating costs overall.
  • Security management: AI and assistive technology are regularly used for predictive analysis, compliance monitoring, and fraud detection. Teaching your technology how to understand intent only strengthens its ability to govern these areas.

Why Businesses Choose Kopius

Kopius’ natural language processing services have found applications in nearly every industry. Our consultations and technological support have let companies around the world embrace opportunities in this new era of information processing and use them to their highest advantage. Some of our most impressive cases include:

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Digital transformation and AI NLP start with one conversation. Kopius has spent decades living up to our name, offering ample support to improve consumer experiences, enhance digital brand presence, and create new tools that make your system the new industry standard. When you have the technology to share your workload, you and your staff can feel more confident in your work and have more chances to innovate new experiences that prove your worth to every customer.

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